A few things we’re great at

We deliver 7 days per week with freshly picked produce.   Picked today.   Delivered today.

Top-Tier Local Farmers


Wholesale Pricing

Food Safety


Enjoy the best TASTE and QUALITY combined together

Delivery 7 days per week.
We supply sustainable, local top tier local produce picked and delivered today.  Get the nutrition as soon as its picked.

This is one of the things we do best

We deliver British Columbia’s top tier berries, soft fruits and veggies.  We have the freshest products picked, packed and shipped daily.  7 days per week. Check out the fresh sheet to see what’s in stock today.

Best Growers

We partnered early on with the best farmers in the Fraser, Okanagan and Similkameen Valley


Some experts estimate that you lose over 60% of the nutritional content of produce unless you can buy and eat it within 72 hours of harvest.


We deliver in low emission clean idle delivery trucks.  We use biodegradable produce packaging.


7 day a week sanitation efforts. Truck cabs are sanitized after each route and deliveries are “drop & go” for our drivers.


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Latest news from our Fresh Sheet

Picked and Delivered today 7 days per week.  Here’s what’s in stock today.

This year all our growers have introduced multiple new protocols on the farming end. From increased cleaning , sanitizing to social distancing and beyond, our growers are reacting and are ready to ship as soon as the produce ripens. We also have put new procedures in […]

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